The groom and his best men raising glasses of whiskey in the oak room at North Mymms Park. Dressed in elegant black suits, they share a moment of celebration and camaraderie. The warm ambiance of the oak room, with its rich wooden decor, sets the stage for a joyous and memorable gathering. Their beaming smiles capture the happiness and excitement of the groom and his best men on this special day
The Groom’s Room

The Oak Room

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Suited and booted

With views across the rose garden, The Oak Room provides a moment of privacy so thoughts can be gathered and speeches can be perfected.

There is a limitless choice for the modern groom, whether fashioning tails or tweed, bow ties or no ties, velvet or linen, we know you will appreciate
your own space to perfect your look.

A close-up view of luxurious details in the oak room at North Mymms Park. The oak-paneled walls exhibit intricate carvings and a rich, warm tone, exuding elegance and sophistication.
A close-up image of a corner in the oak room at North Mymms Park, which serves as the groom's room for getting ready. The oak-paneled walls exude a classic and refined atmosphere. Vintage ornate gold mirrors add a touch of elegance to the space. A stylish valet stands nearby, showcasing the groom's attire impeccably. A leather couch with a guitar completes the scene, providing a space for the groom to relax and perhaps strum a tune before his big day
The groom is getting ready in the oak room at North Mymms Park, fixing his watch while dressed in an elegant tuxedo. The rich wooden decor of the oak room adds to the sophisticated ambiance as he prepares for his special day. The classic and timeless atmosphere captures the groom's attention to detail as he ensures everything is perfect for the upcoming wedding

The Oak Room is a space for you to relax with your nearest and dearest as you enjoy the build-up to your ceremony.

The oak-panelled room benefits from a spacious ensuite bathroom, natural light through the stunning period windows, a large salon style mirror, valet stands,
and your very own chesterfield sofa.

The groom, surrounded by his groomsmen, is fixing his bow tie in the luxurious oak room at North Mymms Park. The rich oak-paneled walls and ornate decor enhance the room's sophisticated ambiance. The camaraderie among the groom and his friends is evident as they prepare for the wedding, creating a warm and joyful atmosphere in this exquisite setting
An Asian groom gets ready in the Oak Room at North Mymms Park for his religious ceremony. His best man is assisting him in fixing his turban, creating a moment of camaraderie and support before the auspicious event. The luxurious oak-paneled walls and elegant decor of the room add to the dignified atmosphere, creating a meaningful and memorable space for the groom's preparation for his special day
A beautiful picture of the Oak Room at North Mymms Park. The room features oak-panelled walls that exude classic elegance. A big, classic painting adorns one of the walls, adding a touch of artistry to the space. Spot lighting accentuates the painting and creates a warm and inviting ambiance. Two valets stand nearby, ready to assist, and a brown leather couch with dark red cushions provides a comfortable and stylish seating area, making the Oak Room a refined and luxurious setting for any occasion
The groom and his groomsmen having fun in the Oak Room at North Mymms Park before the civil ceremony. Laughter and camaraderie fill the air as they share joyful moments together. The room's oak-panelled walls, adorned with a big classic painting and spot lighting, create an elegant ambiance. A brown leather couch with dark red cushions, two valets, and a luxurious Persian dark red rug add to the refined and stylish setting. The Oak Room's warm and inviting atmosphere sets the stage for a delightful and meaningful pre-wedding celebration with the groom and his closest friends
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