An old photo of North Mymms Park, capturing the historical charm and beauty of the park's landscape and architecture
North Mymms Park


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The history of North Mymms Park

North Mymms Park is the original manor of North Mymms from which the smaller manors of Brookmans, Gobions, Potterells and possibly Parsonage became separated in the late 13th Century.

Simon Swanland, a wealthy London merchant, first became the owner of this original portion and two of the subdivided manors in 1316, the church (except the tower) was built and still exists today.

Old photo of North Mymms Park's grounds
A close up picture of old fireplace in the North Mymms Park, dating back to 1515
Old image of High Gallery in North Mymms Park

Dating back to the 16th Century

North Mymms Park was probably built sometime after 1582 but before 1603
either by sir Henry Coningsby or his son sir Ralph, who was appointed sheriff of Hertfordshire in 1596.

Despite additions, restorations, and internal alteration in the past, it has retained much of its external experience. The House was designed as a palace of celebration; a tradition that continues today, making this historic retreat the
ideal venue to host your special day.