Three talented musician women play the saxophone, creating delightful melodies for a joyous event in the pavilion at North Mymms Park
North Mymms Park


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Host your event
at our AWARD-WINNING venue

At North Mymms Park each occasion is unique and we want to make sure you have the perfect, bespoke experience with us.
With its historical charm, superb location and array of spaces, our venue
is ideal for events for up to 400 attendees.

Embraced by a romantic atmosphere, a lovely event unfolds at North Mymms Park, adorned with candles and flowers, creating an enchanting and intimate ambiance
Indulge in fancy fizzy drinks adorned with fresh berries, a luxurious treat offered at the event held at North Mymms Park, elevating the experience with a touch of elegance.
Immersed in the enchanting pavilion of North Mymms Park, a talented saxophonist captivates the audience with soulful melodies, adding a touch of musical magic to the ambiance

Endless Possibilities

The go to choice for celebrations, you’ll have endless possibilities to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.
Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand reception,
North Mymms Park will surely exceed your expectations.

Product Launches

If you are looking for a truly unique venue that combines heritage as well as fantastic location,
North Mymms Park is the venue for you.
The historical backdrop of The Mansion House makes it the perfect choice for all kinds of product and media launches.

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Discover the perfect setting for your product launch at the stunning North Mymms Park. With its captivating ambiance and picturesque surroundings, this venue promises to elevate your event and leave a lasting impression on your audience


North Mymms Park is ideal for conferences and corporate events for up to 400 attendees.
Your choice of venue speaks volumes about your event. So, it’s reassuring to know that, whether it is a corporate event, or an exhibition, the surroundings and facilities at North Mymms Park are quite simply ideal.

Located only 15 miles from London, North Mymms Park is a great option for all business events.

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North Mymms Park hosts a distinguished corporate event, where professionals come together to network, collaborate, and celebrate in the elegant surroundings of this prestigious venue

Team Building

If you are looking for a venue that provides an unforgettable setting, we have a variety of amazing indoor and outdoor spaces for all team building events.
North Mymms Park is the perfect location offering easy access to London and all London airports.

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Engaging in team-building activities at North Mymms Park, participants come together to strengthen bonds, foster collaboration, and create lasting memories in this idyllic setting


Whether it is a landmark birthday, important anniversary, engagement party or special celebration, we are here to help you put on an event that they’ll be talking about
for years to come.

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Create unforgettable memories by hosting your parties at North Mymms Park. With its enchanting atmosphere and exquisite surroundings, this venue promises to make your celebrations truly special and memorable